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[Oct 22, 2018 * 11:29pm]


WHO: Morrighan Kane --> Ronan Lynch
WHEN: October 22.
WHERE: The tattoo shop she works at.
SUMMARY: Morrighan remembers a very specific tattoo.
WARNINGS: Mention of death?

Pissing Declan off was the point of a lot of Ronan’s decisions because ultimately he didn’t find much joy in anything else. )

[Oct 22, 2018 * 10:20pm]



Hi, I'm Eve the Sleepy, Hoarder of Carrot Sticks and Nialls.

(I'm literally only sharing this to note my dissatisfaction in my parents' lack of foresight when naming me when it came to my future dragon name.)

[Oct 22, 2018 * 9:42pm]


WHO: Kai Silva
WHEN: Oct 22
WHERE: The pasture area on Liam's farm/vet clinic
SUMMARY: Kai thinks about Aragorn some more. (Thanks for letting me borrow your horses, Jamie, even though I didn't tell you I was gonna do it. :D)

Bonnie nuzzled his hand when he reached out to her, and instantly he felt transported elsewhere. )

[Oct 22, 2018 * 10:39pm]


WHO: Finnley Parker
WHEN: October 22, evening.
WHERE: The Parker-Sparks residence.
SUMMARY: Finnley fills out a petition.
WARNINGS: Mom feels.

She vowed to be a better mother than hers had ever been. )

[Oct 22, 2018 * 10:04pm]


WHO: Dottie Darling --> Luna Lovegood
WHEN: October 22, evening.
WHERE: The Darling-Moore House.
SUMMARY: Dottie remembers a certain lion hat.

If she could bring a smile to even one of her friend’s faces, it would be worth the effort. )
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[Oct 21, 2018 * 9:27pm]


I know I'm a little late to the boat on this, but I'm going to jump at it and be a little sentimental. I've always been pretty good at sentiment and this occasion seems to call for it.

My sister has been my favorite person since the moment I was born. I was very lucky to have gotten an older sister like her, because I never was made to feel like a nuisance or like an annoying little sister. Instead, I got Denver, who has always been there for me in more ways than I can count, through the ups and downs that we've both had to deal with.

When I found out that she and Bash were together, my really eloquent response was, and I quote, "Oh, thank god". I wasn't trying to be mean, because I never would be, but I had always hoped that it would happen eventually. Even as friends, I could see how happy he made my sister and I've always known that she deserved that happiness in her life -- just as Bash deserved it, too. (Besides, I think we all know that Bash is a stand up guy and I'd have been lucky to get to call him my brother in any capacity.)

Anyway, just to wrap this string of consciousness up. I've always thought of the heart as an arrow, meaning that it needs to be aimed in order to land where it belongs. I think that your hearts have always been headed for one another and it brings me a lot of joy to see you there, both bringing so much happiness, contentment, and home to one another. I love you guys.
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[Oct 21, 2018 * 1:52pm]


WHO: Bridget Grant → Helene Aquilla
WHEN: Early afternoon of October 21
WHERE: Dunhaven Park
SUMMARY: Bridget has her first memory, courtesy of a six-year-old Helene.
WARNINGS: Brief mentions of violence, but nothing explicit

'We can make it if we stick together.' )

[Oct 21, 2018 * 2:11pm]


So apparently this has been causing ripples in the law enforcement world, but as a detective, I just want to say that I'm STILL laughing at this. I thought I'd share the humor here, because it is truly a blessing to have a sense of humor in this world of ours.
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[Oct 20, 2018 * 6:42pm]


WHO: Bash & Denver and their handful of guests! (If you think your character was there, go for it!)
WHEN: Saturday, October 20, 2018; Late Afternoon
WHERE: Northwind Stables -> Bash & Denver's House
SUMMARY: Wedding! (IC/OOC)

Quote )
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[Oct 20, 2018 * 10:34am]


I don't say a lot on here because I'm not a very public person, but I think today calls for it. Today, I'm going to marry this man right here v v v

By the end of the day, I am going to be Mrs. Denver Kingswood. If you'd asked me exactly one year ago today if I could ever imagine that today would come, I would have laughed you off and told you that, no, of course I'd never marry Bash because we were too dumb to see what was right in front of our eyes. But I liked you the moment you asked me what kind of pizza I wanted, and I wanted you the moment I knew I realized that you were too good for the girl I used to be. And, Bash, I've loved you since the moment I saw you at the stables and knew how perfectly you could fit into the life I'd built for myself. You showed me how to live again. You took a broken girl and loved all of the broken pieces of her until, one day, I started to feel whole again. You've loved me at my worst and through my entire journey to be my best.

There's more to say, and I'm sure I'll try to say it in a few hours when I stand next to you while your best friend marries us, but I wanted to put this out there now before I get choked up and can't finish getting the words out.

I'd say that I can't wait to be yours forever, but I don't have to. I've been yours all along.
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[Oct 19, 2018 * 9:10pm]


Your birthday is coming up, I noticed. [...] Because I don't want to step on toes and/or do something you might not like, can I put together a get together for you? Cake, food?
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[Oct 18, 2018 * 11:32pm]


WHO: Diego Rojas (+ cameos by, like, his whole family)
WHEN: Today
WHERE: The courthouse!
SUMMARY: Diego thinks about what this adoption means to him.

Diego had never needed paperwork designated Finn as his. )

[Oct 18, 2018 * 9:49pm]


Hello all! Great news for you on a Thursday. The adoption papers are finalized, barring the final signatures of all relevant parties. You've always been one of us, Finn. Now we just made it legal.

I await your pleasure at the courthouse. ;)

My advice? Sign them and then have a family supper. Hell, sign them again in front of everybody. Get everyone involved. This is reason to celebrate.
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[Oct 17, 2018 * 6:58pm]


So I have three ties. Do I wear the blue one, the red stripey one, or the grey one?

I also need one of you to tie it for me. Or teach me how to tie it. They were always already tied before, but I was an idiot and untied them during prom prep. I looked at Youtube and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to recreate any of this. So, yeah. Just throwing that out there.

I'm nervous about this. I shouldn't be nervous, right? I mean, it's not like
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[Oct 16, 2018 * 11:48pm]


WHO: Liam Perkins
WHEN: Evening of October 16
WHERE: The field behind the Perkins farmhouse
SUMMARY: Liam goes to spend some quality time with the horses and reflects on some revelations and dreams.

Maybe, he thought, there was another connection between himself and Peter Pettigrew. Maybe they were both cowards. )
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[Oct 16, 2018 * 10:05pm]


At the risk of sounding like my mother, the colors are starting and that makes me so very happy. The trees in the backyard are going this beautiful yellow and I can't wait for the oranges and reds to dot in there. I'm less excited for when they fall and I have to break out the rake.

Do you think we could swing a mini vacation? Just a long weekend somewhere? [...] I feel like I need a recharge.
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[Oct 16, 2018 * 9:56am]


- Please give me details on your Saturday.
- I need a) your muscles b) your smiles c) you in a suit.
- Mmmmkay.
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[Oct 15, 2018 * 10:12pm]


I know this is extremely late notice, but Bash and I would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, October 20 at Northwind Stables to celebrate the two of us getting married with dinner at Bash's our house afterward. You're welcome to bring a plus one, if you'd like, but we are intending to keep this very, very small, so we just ask that you let us know before you extend the invitation. We hope each of you can be there!

Alex, we were wondering if maybe you could do one of those online certificate things where you get ordained and can marry us? If you're up for it.

And, Annie, we were hoping that you might be willing to make a bundt cake for our wedding cake? Again, I know it's last moment, so of course I'll help however I can, if you're willing to do it.

I hope this is okay. I know we're still getting there, but the only dream I've really had about my wedding since before I even knew Bash existed was that I wanted you both there. Wherever we are with each other right now, I don't want to look back on the day and have any regrets. I'd regret it if I didn't tell you both that I want you there.

Hi! I was wondering if, perhaps, you'd be interested in and able to provide a couple of simple flower arrangements for a very, very small wedding (less than 20 people) on Saturday? And, regardless of the answer, you should come and bring your husband. If you want. It'll be at Northwind Stables.

Don't be mad.
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[Oct 15, 2018 * 5:25pm]


If your friend told you that they somehow stole their Professor's favorite grading pen and the sub sandwich he brought for lunch, would you advise them to:
a) Return the things and profusely apologize while hoping to not be failed
b) Trash the items and swear never to do it again
c) Eat the sandwich and start taking class notes with the pen which writes surprisingly well
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[Oct 15, 2018 * 5:21pm]


Hey, congratulations everyone on surviving your Monday! I'm proud of you. What was your biggest victory today?
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