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[Jan 21, 2019 * 10:34pm]


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[Jan 21, 2019 * 8:31pm]


WHO: Calliope Pemberton, Thomas Corvin
WHEN: November 2014
WHERE: Washington, DC
SUMMARY: PART TWO! The unabashed happy ending.
WARNINGS: Kissin'.

''I plan to be a Corvin before noon, if possible.'' )

[Jan 21, 2019 * 8:27pm]


WHO: Calliope Pemberton, Thomas Corvin, Various NPCs (Isolda & Wilhelm Pemberton, Ramsey Asquith)
WHEN: October-November 2014
WHERE: Washington, DC
SUMMARY: A series of (mostly shorter) scenes detailing Calliope's engagement to another man. And the aftermath thereof. PART ONE!
WARNINGS: Terrible parenting, mild violence. Some non-consensual kissing. And some consensual kissing, too. 😉

She could feel her heart breaking with every clap of her guests, even as their voices rang out in a birthday song that might haunt her for the rest of her days. )

[Jan 21, 2019 * 8:19pm]


WHO: Calliope Pemberton & Thomas Corvin
WHEN: May 2014
WHERE: Bologna, Italy
SUMMARY: Thomas surprises Calliope in Europe
WARNINGS: Ridiculous cuteness. And some kissing.

She could have all of Italy...all of Europe...and be forever be discontent because Thomas was not there to share it with her. )

[Jan 21, 2019 * 7:14pm]


I was going to whine about how I officially only have a year left of my twenties, but then Yuri started giggling and frankly it's impossible to whine about anything after hearing that. He sure is good for the soul.
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[Jan 21, 2019 * 8:06pm]


WHO: Gareth Stone → Akos
WHEN: 2014
WHERE: Miss Belle's Salon & Spa
SUMMARY: Gareth's first dream/memory.
WARNINGS: References to death/torture/murder/pain. Typical VRoth stuff. 😂

''What are we supposed to do, hold hands everywhere we go?'' )
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[Jan 21, 2019 * 8:04pm]


WHO: Calliope Pemberton & Isolda Pemberton (NPC, written by Jeanne)
WHEN: Summer 2012
WHERE: Pemberton Manor, Washington DC
SUMMARY: Calliope's mother finds out a secret.
WARNINGS: Terrible Parenting

Sit up straight. Honestly, Calliope, you act as if we've never taught you anything. )

[Jan 21, 2019 * 6:25pm]


Cut for image! )

🧙‍♀️ 😏

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[Jan 21, 2019 * 5:09pm]


As grateful as I am for the opportunity to learn here in Dunhaven, I do still wish that my prior education was enough for a medical license here. I could have gone immediately into research from where I was, but my passion has always been with the patients themselves, not locked away in a laboratory (although, of course, I appreciate all of the work that happens in the labs as well). And it has been helpful to learn about the education system here and about how hospitals operate, if I'm to stay in this country. But - as my father would say - there are moments when it feels as though I'd wasted many years this way. Usually at about 5 am during a night shift in the emergency department.

I'm halfway through, however. By next summer, I'll be done. It's hard to believe how fast the last year and a half have gone by.
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[Jan 21, 2019 * 6:11pm]


Three characters in your first month of joining a game is totally normal, right? I mean, I can blame this one on Kit, too, so I'm gonna say it's fine. 🙅🏻

Gareth Stone, middle child between Rhys and Brynn Stone. 26 years old, originally from Louisiana, but spent the last few years of his secondary school years and those afterward in NYC. He's been in Dunhaven since 2014.

He works at Miss Belle's Salon & Spa as a licensed massage therapist. (He also practices reiki, and incorporates that into the massage if requested.) Despite his smug face, he actually takes his job very seriously. Promise.

He lives at Arbor Crossing, #301. He's been dating (Kit's new character) Thea Perkins since 2015, but they don't live together because she keeps denying him when he asks.

His AU is Akos from Veronica Roth's Carve the Mark/The Fates Divide. If anyone wants to read them, I have those in PDF, too. 😂

♥ Jeanne
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[Jan 21, 2019 * 5:17pm]


I'm all set to start at Athena tomorrow, so I suppose that means that I am official and back. This was the quickest turnaround from interview to job offer I've ever seen, but I'm guessing it has less to do with the quality of person that I am and everything to do with their not wanting to pay a sub. I'm also moving into my apartment this week, so it will be action packed. Despite that, I'm thanking whatever god might have told the leasing office to cut me some slack and let me move in before February 1st, because I don't think my mom and I could handle living under the same roof another two weeks. Don't get me wrong. I love the woman and have missed her something fierce the last two years, but we definitely get along better when we're not living under the same roof.

So, hello to my future neighbors at Arbor Crossing and my future teacher colleague types. ✌️
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[Jan 21, 2019 * 5:26pm]


If you don't think this is cool as hell, I don't know that we could be friends.

Cut for Photo )

Seriously, though. The Super Blood Wolf Moon has been the coolest part of 2019 so far.
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[Jan 21, 2019 * 12:43pm]


Hello friends! I couldn't help this one, because of my intense love for everything Alice in Wonderland and a weakness for this particular character. So, this is Ian Rhinehart, aka Hatta from "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer. (Now I just have to play someone from "Renegades" and I'll have the Marissa Meyer trifecta.)

Ian was born and raised in Washington, DC; his father was around for the first three years of his life, before he died and he was left being raised by his mother. She worked hard to support Ian, putting away money that was given to her by his paternal family to save for her son once he was of age. He had a pretty typical childhood, all things considered, and ended up moving to Dunhaven to attend the university when he graduated from high school. It was there that he met Lyra Rhinehart for the first time, the two of them cousins, but having zero clue as Ian was entirely removed from his paternal family. After he finished his degrees, he used the money his mom had collected for him to buy a building in downtown Dunhaven. It's there that he opened Anteaques, which is a tea shop and antiques store rolled into one. It's been open since 2016 and is actually doing pretty good for itself.

Personality-wise, Ian can be a lot to handle sometimes. He super charming and charismatic when he wants to be, but can also be kind of bitingly honest when he feels the situation calls for it. He doesn't necessarily mean to be cruel, though it can sometimes come across that way if you're not used to him. He is a good guy overall, though, and has unwavering loyalty to his friends. He has a hard time sitting still, both physically and just in general; he fidgets a lot, tapping his foot or fingers, but also travels often to scratch that itch, too. He likes to host friends for dinners and throws parties on the regular and they tend to be very good parties. Also, his dog, Gambit, is the light of his world and tends to go everywhere with him when he's not working in the shop.

You can read more about Ian here, but please note that there are trigger warnings for suicide and mental illness. I would love friends of all sorts for him, as well as people that might not like him, because I'm sure there will be some. An ex-boyfriend would be nice as well; he has a hard time committing in relationships, which could easily be the reason something would have ended. He also has some step-family available for play, if that's something you want, and could use employees at the shop! All the things. ~grabby hands~
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[Jan 20, 2019 * 7:16pm]


We're not even through January yet and I've already uninstalled Facebook from my phone again.

Comment with a number 1-100, and I'll ask you a question from this not at all internet generated list I have handy.
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[Jan 19, 2019 * 11:59pm]


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[Jan 19, 2019 * 11:00pm]


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[Jan 19, 2019 * 10:50pm]


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[Jan 19, 2019 * 10:01pm]


Hey, all! Terri here, and I have two to introduce even if one of them has actually been in the game for a teensy bit of time already.

Jordan Wolfe [info]fickleprince is a Dunhaven native and college student at DU. He's dating Viola Vance, is the identical twin of Cash Wolfe, and the younger brother of Theo Wolfe. He's a pretty mellow guy, and his family means a lot to him. He's one for helping out the underdog. He's a really decent soccer player, and plays for the university on a scholarship. He also works at Chapter One part time. Jordan is very loyal to his friend group. He could be a leader if he wanted to be, but he's much more comfortable letting other people have the spotlight, which often leads to him sort of purposefully not living up to his full potential because he would rather not deal with the pressures of those expectations.

He dreams about Regulus Black, but hasn't said much of anything about it yet, other than admitting he's HAVING dreams.

Calliope Corvin literally just moved to Dunhaven at the turn of the new year, and is pretty excited about it! She and her husband Thomas, who Jeanne introduced here, have lived in DC the last several years. She grew up in DC in a family of Old Virginia Money and was amongst the social elite. She attended private schools all her life, and spent her free time having horseback riding lessons, playing tennis and the piano, and dancing ballet. She grew up somewhat isolated, in that most of her social relationships were pretty shallow and meaningless. She met Thomas at Georgetown University and fell for him pretty quickly. Her parents wanted her to marry someone else, and things got kind of messy for a while, but she and Thomas sorted things out and they've been married for a few years. She's no longer on speaking terms with her parents.

She is a food blogger and a baker! She makes cakes of all kinds, and even won Cupcake Wars in 2016. She does not have a shop front set up, but she takes specialty orders. Her blog has lots of videos of her making cakes and cupcakes, including recipes and products that she recommends. She is here for all of your cake needs! (Remington prefers to specialize in chocolates, cookies, and specialty desserts anyway, though for her friends, she still makes cakes. lol.)

Calliope's canon connection is Catherine Pinkerton from Heartless, which I still recommend more people read! It's sad and beautiful and tragic. What's not to love?

I would love, love, love friends for her! I'm also game for anyone who maybe somehow knows her through her old social ladder, and DC connections! Have someone who just wouldn't get along with her? That's fine, too! I want all the things.
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[Jan 19, 2019 * 3:13pm]



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[Jan 19, 2019 * 3:11am]


WHO: Theo Wolfe
WHEN: Late August, 2014
WHERE: His home
SUMMARY: With the house empty of family and friends for the first time since he was called to the hospital, Theo tries to wrap his head around the situation and makes some promises to his daughter.
WARNINGS: Loss of a spouse. Pretty sad, because that's how I roll.

For the first time in over a week, Theo was alone. )
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